Yes – You Do Need an Editorial Calendar

Let’s start with a definition of an Editorial Calendar. An editorial calendar is a document functioning as the main repository for content production, workflow, assignments and deadlines. Your Editorial Calendar is crucial for ensuring your production teams are properly aligned and maintaining visibility with all stakeholders. What should you include in your Editorial Calendar? A [...]

6 Unique Lead Generation Strategies to Use and start 2018 Right!

To generate viable leads you must create content consumers are seeking to drive Internet traffic to those offers. You can then capture these leads using enhanced CTA (calls-to-action) and web forms. Leads are then sent to the sales department who will then close the sale.  A marketers most important goal is developing a strategy that [...]

Top Winter Marketing Battles You’re Not Approaching the Right Way

It is inevitable every year that eventually winter is coming. Many businesses will slow down their marketing while getting ready for End-of-the-Year close-out sales or to prepare tax returns. This is fairly normal as many customers stay home where it is warm and hang on to their money.  It is also pretty standard for many [...]

What Do I Post?

I'm often asked "what should I post to social media?" The answer is both simple and complex. The best thing to post are those things that get interaction. There is so much on the internet that people don't have the time to keep up with it all. So experiment. Take pictures of the office (inside [...]

Top 6 Promotional Ideas Your Business Needs to Consider

You’ve got a business so now you need more customers. How will you accomplish this goal? You need to promote your business meaning get the word out letting potential customers know about the goods and/or services you offer. Promotion can involve such activities as community involvement, sponsoring special events or giving away specialty items like [...]

Using LinkedIn to Build Your Small Business

More than 65 million business professionals around the world on LinkedIn. LinkedIn members have an average annual household income of $109,000. There is a LinkedIn login every second. Almost half all LinkedIn members have decision-making authority for their companies. With statistics like this it becomes obvious that small business owners need to take advantage of the [...]

7 Powerful Emotional Triggers For Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t the only strategy your business should be using but it is one of the best and most effective. In fact, combined with social media marketing you have an extremely powerful tool for reaching potential customers. Coupling these two strategies can be a bit tricky but done properly you can expand your subscriber [...]