To generate viable leads you must create content consumers are seeking to drive Internet traffic to those offers. You can then capture these leads using enhanced CTA (calls-to-action) and web forms. Leads are then sent to the sales department who will then close the sale. 

A marketers most important goal is developing a strategy that will generate leads high in both number and value.

The lead generation process is tough enough but if you rely on only traditional methods such as cold emails from scraped together lists you can quickly get demoralized. The sad fact is, most of those people do not want to talk to you.

The basic mechanics of lead generation starts with internet traffic generated using valued content driving people to your website. Next calls-to-action send visitors to a landing page, where visitors can fill out a form in exchange for some valued customer information.  Once this form is submitted a lead is generated. Using additional value-adding content has the potential for turning them into a high-quality lead – a more likely candidate to become a customer.

What are some good lead generating strategies?

  1. Create a quiz on your website. This is a creative way to gather more information about your site visitors and get their contact information. You can then use the result of this quiz to generate a new lead. If done correctly this can be extremely effective. Eastern International College is a great example of an online quiz.
  2. Research best practices regarding marketing tactics. Find out what works for successful marketers and why.  Learn from the success and experiences. Compiling a list of best practices can be an invaluable tool for marketing.
  3. Email marketing is an integral feature in content marketing success, and this blog post from Interact delivers a useful description of using quizzes to make more interesting emails. Take the time to create a detailed, step-by-step post answering an important question your prospect may have. This becomes a great chance to generate a lead.
  4. Review your homepage. Lead generation starts at home and your homepage receives the most visitors. You only get one chance to make a first impression and your homepage is that one chance. The purpose here is to show how blending your homepage message with your business objective can improve your success rate.
  5. Don’t get caught up using corporate verbiage. You need to show a professional image but avoid using the types of terms and phrases that have become too cliché.
  6. If you promise something – Deliver it. Don’t entice the visitor to click on a link for a free offer and then have some sort of a catch on the landing page. That is a sure-fire way to lose trust and customers.