No matter how hard we think we are trying, sometimes our efforts are just a bit off target and we don’t see the results we were expecting. This is especially true of digital marketing and it is critical that you can identify any points of failure quickly to make the necessary adjustments as soon as possible.

We all hope for that well-oiled machine leading to pre-sold prospects anxious to do business with you making you digital marketing plan effective and giving you that amazing feeling that it is working as it should. Getting the most bang for the marketing buck should be your goal.

What if, instead, you have that sinking feeling that you’re are just throwing money away of your marketing campaign budget. If you don’t fix these problems right away your competitors will happily take over the online space you vacated. The fact is digital marketing is a huge growth engine essential to your brand.

If your online marketing isn’t working as expected, how do you figure out what went wrong? Here are some of the more common problems.

Do you know who your ideal customers are?

How well do you know them? You need a clear understanding of who they are, what they want and where they are located. By knowing your customers well you can provide content building their trust in your business.

Are you consistently developing web content that is attractive to your customers?

Do they hear from you on a regular basis? Your marketing efforts must be consistent. Even if you simply use a weekly blog post or email; your customers need to hear from you.

How are you at collecting data regarding the visitors to your site? 

Find out how end users are getting to your site using an analytic tool such as Google Analytics.

Are you too much of a perfectionist?

A website can’t drive and sales sitting in the development stage while even the minutest detail is tweaked.  Unapproved and non-published blogs cannot drive traffic if posts are never approved and published. Don’t let your desire for perfection prevent action.

Are you equipped for success?

Interactive digital marketing channels illustration

You can have the greatest, most up-to-date software and gather the best advice on strategy but without an in-house expert you could be doomed to fail. Poor choices on the technology to use are one of the leading causes for marketing failures.

Have you set a goal? Or have you set multiple goals?

Your digital marketing strategy must focus on one goal. It’s like the “no man can serve two masters” mantra. Trying to satisfy everything at the same time will lead to certain failure. Similarly, you can be without a goal. Like a ship without a sail you would get nowhere no matter which way the wind blows.

Is your strategy flexible and dynamic?

Once you know what your goals are, you then need to understand your strategies and methods will need to be changed periodically based on customer and search engine trends, as well as and other digital influences.