What’s Included In the Monthly Subscription?

Your monthly subscription includes:

  1. Hosting of your website. And this ain’t no ordinary server! Cloud Delivery Network (CDN) can be applied to speed up your site, and a secured certificate (SSL) is applied to make your site secure ($300/year value)!
  2. Necessary security and plugin updates.
  3. In-depth health library.
  4. Monthly newsletter that’s automatically sent out to your database.
  5. Have changes to pages? Send them to us and we will take care of it. Changes to existing pages, updating hours, team members, etc are included in your subscription. Creation of new pages, new/refreshing banners and artwork are an additional service.

Can I only get ‘parts’ of the subscription?

Your website is part of a system. Just like a car, it won’t run if you remove the engine or a wheel. The subscription package is designed for maximum ROI on your website and can not be ‘split’ up.

Does Chirowebs.net Offer Marketing Packages?

Yes, we have several additional marketing packages. They range from increasing simple awareness in your community to total domination in your market. Ask us for details.

Does Chirowebs.net Offer Custom Packages?

Yes, we can create truly unique websites, and help set up your funnels, webinars, autoresponders and more.

Do I Have To Sign A Contract?

We have no need for contracts. Our clients love the results, and the results speak for themselves. We have no need to force people into long-term contracts. 30 days notice is required when canceling your website.

Who Owns Your Domain Name?

If Chirowebs.net registers a domain name on your behalf, as long as your account is in good standing, you own the domain name associated with your website. If your account is not in good standing, once your account is settled, your domain name will be unlocked. When Chirowebs.net registers a domain name on your behalf, it will automatically be renewed unless you call or email requesting the domain name to not be renewed.

Who Owns The Content On Your Site?

Chirowebs.net remains the owner of your website as a whole. If you choose to go to another web site company, any images and text you provided, you can copy and download. Content such as the theme files, plugins, and the content from health library and newsletter (both text and images), remains the property of Chirowebs.net and subject to copyright laws. You will not receive FTP access or WordPress admin access.

Where Is Your Server?

Chirowebs.net has it’s own dedicated, fully managed server in New York City, New York.