The digital age arrived several years ago and it is essential for businesses to make use of the modern marketing concepts and tools that are included.  The concept of “inbound marketing” has proven to be the best method for online business. Inbound marketing attracts the right traffic to your website by targeting your ideal customers.

Internet Usage Going Mobile

Considering that by the end of 2016 Internet usage on smartphones caught up with desktop users it is fairly easy to see why it is essential for businesses to find ways to reach these users on the devices they are most likely to employ when searching the World Wide Web.

The best way to reach these consumers is by utilizing a web site specifically designed for smartphone web searches. To do this, your website needs to be “responsive.” A responsive web site is “mobile-friendly” and provides more opportunities for your business and fewer headaches for your potential customers.

In addition to the dramatic rise in cell phone usage for internet searches, there are many other reasons to use a responsive website design.  Here’s a quick look at four of the top reasons to choose a responsive or mobile-friendly design for your business website.

A Superior User Experience

It’s no different than with desktop or laptop users. If your site is too slow or hard to navigate the user will not stay long and will soon be looking at a competitor’s site.

Necessary for Search Engine Optimization

In fact, Google prefers responsive sites and recently introduced a mobile-friendly test that tells you if your site fits mobile devices as it should. If you pass this test, great, if not, it’s time to start thinking about a responsive design.

Faster Loading Pages

When pages load faster, fewer users leave without viewing the content. In fact, responsive sites can load on a smartphone in less than a couple of seconds. Try doing that on a desktop! Studies show that nearly 60% of visitors become customers on a mobile-friendly site.

Built-in Audience

Over half of all web searches are now completed on smartphones and tablets. Worldwide there are over 1 billion smartphone users and nearly 75% of Americans own a smartphone. Add to this the increasing number of tablet users and you can see this is a very large group of potential customers you can’t afford to ignore.

Now you know a little about responsive design what should you do next?

Make this a requirement for any new website you may be considering. Be prepared to pay a bit more for a responsive site due to the extra hours and testing that will be required. Remember, increased traffic to your site will lead to additional customers, more revenue and higher profits.