goes even a step further. Having amazing, powerful content on your website is only the first step. Ultimately having the best website is dependant on people coming to your website. The true power is sending out information to your database. Email is still shown to have the highest ROI of almost all marketing. sends out a monthly newsletter to your patient database. This newsletter is sent out automatically – you don’t need to do a thing! Simply add a patient’s email to your database and sit back.

Chiropractors continually write it saying that the newsletter continues to drive patients into their office. Patients share your newsletter with others, and patients reply to your newsletter requesting and appointment, making your newsletter the perfect recall system.

Using the newsletter admin panel, you can go in and send an email to your database at any time. Have a patient appreciation event happening, or a health talk, or a special event you want your patients to know about? You can use the newsletter system to quickly and easily send out that email to your patients.