Does your business need help from a third party to manage your inbound marketing campaign? How can you tell? Do you know if your in-house marketing team has the knowledge and experience to implement a strategy that delivers results? If you aren’t sure, then maybe you need to consider reaching out to inbound marketing agency for assistance.

Here are some things to consider when determining if you need outside help:

Internal Capabilities

This is the first thing to consider when making this decision. Does your in-house team have the skills needed as well as a full understanding of inbound marketing strategies? Do you feel you need help with your “conversion-focused” website and lining up marketing targets with your goals for growth of your business? It is very difficult and can be quite expensive to find all the skills required in one person.

Staff Size and Workload

What is the size of your staff and how much work can they realistically manage the workload and provide the level of support that will be required going forward? After your marketing strategy has been implemented there will be quite a bit of on-going work needed to nurture inbound leads and attract more traffic.

Immediate Requirements & Future Growth

What are your immediate requirements and what are your plans for continuous and future growth? What are your next steps to realize the success of your marketing strategies?

Website Performance

Do you know how your website is performing? It may be quite attractive and function very well but is it providing the results you need to grow your business? How is this measured? Being able to monitor your company’s web traffic is critical to your inbound marketing strategy. DO you have the resources in house to effectively perform this work?

Website Traffic

Has the flow of traffic to your web site hit a plateau preventing your revenue from growing? These are number any business owner would want to see grow consistently. This may be the biggest key to deciding if you need an outside agency to analyze your site’s performance revitalize it. An outside agency may be able to quickly identify changes new content or more effective keywords that are more likely to be used by potential customers.

Social Media

Another clue that you might need help is a lack of posting on your social media pages. Has it been weeks or months since these pages have been updated? Have they fallen through the cracks of your marketing strategy? This is potential business you don’t want to ignore. An outside agency can quickly respond to customer queries and upload content that promotes your business. A good inbound marketing agency will perform website audits to determine which of your pages is most effective.


Are you no longer getting any back links? Inbound marketing agencies know how to increase back links that generate more traffic.

Deciding whether to keep your inbound marketing in-house or to hire an outside agency will not be easy.

Considering the above ideas will give you great insight into the correct answer.