Apr 27

Should I advertise in … site?

A common question I get is ‘what are you thoughts in advertising in….’ Usually it’s an on-line directory of some sort.

Some are good, and others, I’d recommend you pass. The big questions is how do they get people going to their site? What is that directory’s business plan? The directory is only as good as the people going there and wanting to find a Chiropractor in their area.

Given how Twitter and Facebook and social media is going, I’m a bigger fan for building up my immediate network and then focusing my efforts in promoting my clinic via the social media sites. In those sites people are already ‘there’ – there being on the site, interacting with others. So as you interact with others, your circle of friends will grow, and so with those who read what you post.

So ask patients and friends – have they heard of the directory you are looking at. Do they spend time on Twitter or Facebook?

Ultimately it’s about putting your time and energy into the sites where people are already hanging out.