Jan 11

WordPress and iPhone

I am a fan of several smart phones and seem to flip between a Blackberry Curve (8310) a Treo Pro, and a 3G iPhone.

In the end, I use the iPhone the most. It does quite well what I need it to do on a day-to-day basis.

One of the issues I don’t like is that there is no effective way to write notes on the iPhone and then sync them to your computer. You can write notes and email them to yourself, but if you make changes you can’t copy the new text back into your note.

I have found a little simple way using WordPress and also the WordPress application for the iPhone. In fact I am writting this on my iPhone.

What I wrote above was done on the iPhone using the WordPress Application. Now I shall continue on my computer.

I’m often asked why an iPhone. Well for me, email is important but not urgent, so writting a short email back on the virtual keyboard is easy. Actually now that I’m use to it, I can type pretty quickly.

However one of the main reasons for me is iTunes. When I want a song, audio book, podcast and more, it’s easy to find and install on my iPhone. I tried using Windows Media Player and a Sansa MP3 player and was frustrated with the lack of resources available.

In the end, I’ve been able to work around the iPhones short comings, and the pluses of media integration, emails ( I have a hosted Exchange account), podcasts (to download my conference calls), decent phone quality and great speaker phone, it’s the phone I use most.